Executive Acquisitions Group acquires off market properties at below market value in each investors desired market. The property is rehabilitated then assigned an exit strategy based on the investors goals.

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Our system of rehabilitating rental properties uses the same proven teams, strategies, materials, and checklists. The goal is to add value and force equity into each property. We accomplish this by adding additional bedrooms and bathrooms to each property after purchase. This strategy not only drives cash flow performance, it also increases desirability and appreciation. 

Each rental property is efficiently designed to minimize future expenditures and repairs. Beautiful open concept designs, quality work, and fast turn around times are some of the reasons investors love our program.

property repaired

Upon the completion of all renovations, each property is given a final inspection by our team. A licensed 3rd party inspector then does a separate inspection to make sure our team did not miss anything. All mechanical and operating systems are tested for proper functionality. Those reports are provided to the investor for any corrections. The corrections are made by our team and we sign a document stating the corrections have been completed.

leasing & tenant placement

Now that the property is completed, we turn your rental over to our Property Management partners. They begin the process of marketing the property to potential renters. Using a very stringent selection process, they interview tenants, check background and employment history, sign leases, and collect rents.

purchase by owner

The investor reviews and signs all documentation, makes the final payment, and the purchase is complete. Our process significantly reduces any risk of budget changes, rehab surprises, contractor issues and delayed timelines. 

property management 

Our property management partners are dedicated to optimizing our investor's returns. Unlike traditional property management companies, we operate with two goals in mind:

1. The protection of your properties value.

2. The preservation of your cash flow.

Most of our processes are automated systems- statements and tenant activity can be accessed through an investor friendly portal. The technology and systems we use create efficiencies that allow for a low maintenance hands off experience investors love. We handle all future property repairs and maintenance. You get a direct deposit delivered into your account as agreed in your rental agreement. 

partner with us

The team at Executive Acquisitions Group are here to assist you in making all your real estate dreams a reality. Our partnerships make owning investment rentals stress free. Contact us today to build a real estate portfolio that fits your lifestyle and wealth goals!