We partner with hedge funds, motivated sellers, and wholesalers to broker profitable deals for our investors. Investors enjoy high cash flowing properties that build equity over time.


If you are an investor looking to earn a quicker payday, our FIx & Flip program is for you. Yield generous returns in a shorter timetable. We buy rehabilitate, and help you sell your investment property at a profit.


"Turn-Key" real estate properties offers our investors a passive way to build long term wealth. Cash flow, appreciation, and tax advantages build short and long term success. Dividends from our turn key rentals can sometimes double most stock or 401K options.

Each rental property is purchased directly from Executive Acquisitions Group at below market value. There are no additional layers of marketing fees or profit tacked on. You pay only one mark up, not several individual vendors or contractors. Our ability to keep margins small are driven by our relationships, economies to scale, and cost reducing processes. 

These processes and systems result in lower operational costs that equal larger returns for our investors. All properties are completed and cash flowing with a warranty from day 1 of your purchase.


Our lending partners offer low rates for real estate investing. These lending opportunities allow our investors to fund deals or act as a "small local bank" for other buyers. Seller financing is one of many creative strategies our investors are utilizing to build generational wealth through real estate.